Why does the air conditioner blow cold in winter?

What could be the reasons for the air conditioner not heating properly?


Air conditioners can adjust the temperature to your preference, both in summer and winter. In winter, the appliance is used in heating mode, and it fills the space with warm air instead of cold. This saves the cost of buying a separate heating system. However, it is possible that the heating function does not work properly at some point.


Why is my air conditioner cooling and not heating?

If you feel your air conditioner blowing cold air in heating mode, it could be a sign of several different things. Don't be in a hurry to worry as the cause could be a normal process in the system, such as activated "defrost" mode for example. However, chances are you may need to have the unit cleaned or repaired.


The main reasons the air conditioner may not blow warm air are:


● Ice accumulation;

● Clogged filters and/or air conditioner coils;

● Faulty circuit breakers and fuses;

● Incorrect settings;

● Defrost cycle.


There may be minimal or even no heat output when the air conditioner is operating in heating mode. This is not related to the type of air conditioning system, as a similar problem can occur with split systems, duct type air conditioners, etc.


Reasons why the air conditioner may not blow warm air:


1. Ice accumulation

It is possible for ice to have built up on the air conditioner's outdoor unit during the winter. This may be because the outdoor unit has excessively cooled down as opposed to the indoor unit. Usually, this happens to aid the heating process.


Another reason the outdoor unit has excessively cooled down could be obstructed airflow or because your system is too old or has not been serviced recently.


Is ice buildup dangerous for your air conditioner? If the ice is little, it's not that risky. But over time, the layer of ice can spread and damage the air conditioner‘s parts. The motor may be affected and hence the efficiency of the unit in heating mode may decrease. It is also possible that refrigerant leakage could occur - this is definitely a serious problem.


2. Dirty air filters and coils

The most common air conditioner problems are related to uncleaned air filters. Then there are dirty coils. Depending on the level of dirtiness, both of these can result in the air conditioner not heating.


For peace of mind, change/clean your air conditioner filters regularly, and that means one to two times a month. The evaporator and condenser coils should also be cleaned at least once a year to prevent problems.


3. Problems with circuit breakers and fuses

Another reason your air conditioner may not be heating properly is if there is a problem with the circuit breaker or fuses. If they don't work, the air conditioning system won't work as it should. It may not even be able to turn on.


4. Incorrect temperature and air conditioning settings

It sounds logical, but it's still possible that you've simply messed up the settings on your air conditioning system. If you or your child have changed to the "cooling" mode, you certainly won't get the heat you need. So check to see if you've selected "heating" mode and how many degrees you've set your unit to.


5. Defrost cycle

The most common reason for the air conditioner to blow cold air in the winter is the defrost mode activated. Also known as "defrost", triggering this mode does not mean there is any malfunction, and it protects your appliance from damage. What happens during it?


The indoor unit does not blow warm air during the defrost cycle, unlike the outdoor unit. This happens in order to warm up the outdoor unit and keep the air conditioner from freezing. The cycle usually lasts about 15 minutes and is triggered automatically.


There may be an error in the system settings that causes the air conditioner to fail to switch back to heating mode. Then you need to seek a qualified air conditioning technician as he will be able to fix the fault.


What to do if the air conditioner is not blowing warm air?


· Wait 10-15 minutes as a defrost cycle may have been triggered.


· Check that the power to the system has not been interrupted, that the circuit breaker has not tripped, or that the system has not been accidentally turned off.


· Contact a professional air conditioning technician to inspect the unit.


How to prepare the air conditioner for winter?


The efficient operation of inverter air conditioners in both winter and summer depends directly on regular maintenance. It is not only important to clean the filters. It is necessary to check the presence of sufficient refrigerant and in what condition the main components are. Also, clean the internal and external heat exchanger.


Preventive maintenance is necessary for the proper functioning of any air conditioning system.


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