What is the ideal office temperature?

In this article, we will discuss what temperature conditions are best to work in the office.


You have probably noticed that there are different preferences regarding office temperature conditions, which can sometimes even lead to debates. Here, we will analyze the reasons for the disagreements and help you find the ideal office temperature for your employees to feel and work at their best.


If you hear complaints about workplace conditions, don't ignore them, it's a sign that action needs to be taken to get the team working at full capacity. Let's see why else you should not overlook employee complaints.


Why is it important to ensure the ideal office temperature?

You may not have suspected it, but temperature conditions are a metric that directly affects employee productivity. This is because if your team isn't comfortable, it will lead to distraction and faster fatigue.


According to studies in office environments, with the right temperature, typing errors can decrease by up to 44%, and productivity can increase by 150%. If you're a business owner, you've probably already guessed how big of a loss this is for you.


That's what employee discomfort in the workplace most often leads to:

- Sleepiness

- Employees taking a long lunch out

- Employees frequently go on smoke and coffee breaks

- Employees are late or leave early


In addition to everything mentioned, the lack of an ideal temperature can lead to hostility between people in the office and a decrease in communication.



Conditions affecting the ideal office temperature

In fact, the ideal temperature for everyone can be different for each person. According to some experts, the most suitable indicators for the office environment is between 23° and 26°. But there are no strictly specific indicators. What is recommended is clean, well-circulated air with a humidity of 20 to 60%.


The truth is, it's not just temperature that affects employee comfort. There are other important factors to consider.



In offices where the humidity is too high, you may notice that surfaces are sticky and employees feel like they are "stuck" to their chairs. In addition, the humidity contributes to the air feeling heavy and breathing being difficult. Even if you use an air conditioner, if it's too big for the room, for example, it won't run long enough to dehumidify the air.


Different body adaptations

We all know that men and women have different senses of temperature. Therefore, it can be noticed that disagreements about ideal conditions come from both sides. This is due to genes and the body mass index that each of us has.



It makes a big difference if you have 5 or 20 people working in your office. It depends on whether the degrees should be lower or higher. So your air conditioning system should be adjusted according to the occupancy level.



In different seasons, it is logical that the temperature in the office is also different. If the temperature in the workplace is the same all year round, there are bound to be complaints from your team. Why does this happen? Each person adapts differently to temperature changes and feels comfortable in different conditions.


Solutions to achieve the ideal office temperature

What does ideal conditions mean for everyone? In order to achieve this, the office temperature needs to be such that everyone is happy and working efficiently. Here's what you can do about it:


✔ For a start, you can make changes to your workflow. For example, you can direct the busiest tasks to be completed in the cooler part of the office or during the cooler part of the day in summer.

✔ Give freedom about the work schedule. It's important that employees feel comfortable and can remove or put on some of their clothing to keep warm or cool.

✔ If the office does not have blinds, we recommend providing them. This will help keep the office temperature down.

✔ Check if the thermostat is in the sun. If the sun's rays heat the thermostat, it will not properly read the room conditions and give the air conditioner the wrong signal.

✔ You can also use window film to keep the temperature down, which is also good protection from UV rays.

✔ Ordinary bulbs generate higher heat and are more harmful to vision. Replace them with LED lamps, which are also more energy efficient.

✔ Of course, you should not skip regular maintenance of the air conditioning system either. This includes checking and cleaning vents, changing and cleaning air filters, and checking coils. Before each active season, schedule a system maintenance checkup by a professional technician.


The office is a place where employees spend most of their day, so it is important to provide appropriate working conditions. This includes choosing the right air conditioning system to provide the necessary comfort.


On the Midea website you can find everything you need for your office air conditioning. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing an air conditioning system.