What is Dry Mode in an Air-Conditioner

How Dry Mode Can Improve Comfort in Your Home or Office?


Whether you cool down on hot summer days or warm up on frosty winter days, the air conditioner is one of the most efficient appliances for achieving comfortable and easy air conditioning in different rooms.

Thanks to the increasingly innovative technology of air conditioners, you can adjust the temperature in your home according to your needs and desires. Also, modern models of air conditioners can dehumidify, refresh and even purify the air. The air conditioner remote has many adjustment options that you may not suspect. One such often underestimated feature is the dry mode.


If you have not used the dry mode and want to know how it works and how you can take advantage of it, keep on reading this article.


Dry mode is a function of air conditioning, which can easily remove moisture from the indoor air. This feature is very useful during the seasons, in which there is more rain and moisture outside.


In the presence of moisture, you may feel that the temperature is higher or lower than usual. High humidity levels contribute to how we feel the ambient temperature. It is in such cases that you can take advantage of the air conditioning dry mode.


We recommend you to use the dry mode for no more than a few hours so as not to dry the air too much. If you have a smart controller you can set the mode to automatically turn on according to the presence of humidity in the room.


Let's take a closer look at how useful dry mode is and how it can help relieve moisture.


How dry mode works?


Dry mode eliminates the humidity in the air by acting as a dehumidifier. During the operation of the air conditioner in this mode, the air passes through the device, the moisture is released and fresh and dehumidified air is blown into the room.


During dry mode, the fan and compressor work at low speeds to dry the air. Although the air conditioner does not work in cooling mode, the area in the room remains cool and fresh. The absorbed moisture is condensed on the evaporator and dehumidified air is released from the air conditioner.


As there is no actual cooling and the air conditioner fan is operating at low speeds, the dry mode is economical and efficient when the outdoor temperature is not too high.


Dry mode or cooling mode of the air conditioner?

During cooling mode, the air conditioner compressor is activated and cool air is blown in the room. In this mode, the power consumption depends on the temperature and the fan settings.


In dry mode, cool air does not blow, but only the air in the room is dehumidified. This mode is suitable for use at moderate temperatures and in high humidity conditions. Also, the dry mode is much more economical than the cooling mode.


Dry mode or dehumidifier?

In reality, both things work similarly. You may be wondering what to choose then? On the one hand, the dry mode is included in the modes of your air conditioner, and the dehumidifier is a device that you must additionally purchase. You need to decide if you can afford that.


On the other hand, the dry mode consumes more energy than the dehumidifier. Keep in mind that with a lot of moisture, the dry mode may not be effective enough. Also, some air conditioners cannot operate in the dry mode during the winter and you will have to buy an additional appliance to dehumidify the air.


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How to adjust the dry mode of your air conditioner?

You can activate the dry mode from the air conditioner remote or via your phone. Different models of air conditioners are adjusted in a specific way, but for most, you can switch different modes one after the other.


When you see on the remote display that you have reached "dry mode", it means that you have switched to the required mode. You can recognize the activated mode on the water drop-shaped icon.


Advantages of dry mode in air conditioners

Temperature changes vary during the year, as does the humidity. Thanks to the heating and cooling capabilities, you can maintain a comfortable environment in your home or office. Thanks to the drying mode, you can also adjust the humidity in the room.


If you use this mode wisely, in addition to enjoying a comfortable environment without moisture, you will also be able to save on your electricity bills.


Here are the main advantages of the dry mode:


- Healthy environment

Maintaining an environment that is dehumidified favors the way you breathe. It also limits the presence of allergens and other bacteria that develop under high humidity conditions.


- Feeling the actual temperature

When you use dry mode, you feel the real temperature of the environment. The presence of moisture can lead to a feeling of a cooler or hotter temperature than the actual one.


- Prevent damage to your furniture and appliances

The presence of moisture can lead to damage to furniture and household appliances, as conditions are created for the development of mold and fungi. This in turn can lead to an unhealthy environment and deterioration of air quality.


- Preventing unpleasant odors

In the presence of high humidity, you can feel unpleasant smells due to the formation of mold and fungi. Dehumidification of the internal environment will refresh the air and eliminate unpleasant odors.


- Ensuring an environment in which you feel energetic

The humid environment can make you feel tired and lethargic. This can affect your ability to be active. Dehumidification in such cases will cheer you up and make you feel more energetic.


- Energy efficiency

When temperatures are not very high, you can use the drying mode instead of cooling mode and thus save on energy costs.



If you live in an environment prone to moisture, using the dry mode can help you regain the comfort of your home or office and save on electricity bills. This mode is not available in your air conditioning system by accident. Take advantage of it and improve air quality.

Smart controllers will help you automate different modes and set them to work at the right time for you.


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