What causes the clicking sound in the air conditioner?

What does the clicking sound coming from your air conditioning system mean?


One of the best ways to ensure quality air and good air conditioning for your family is by opting for a proven brand of air conditioning system. However, owning an air conditioner does not automatically guarantee 10-15 years of trouble-free air conditioning. You may not have any major problems overall, but it is also possible to have some malfunctions and it is good to know where they are coming from.


In this article, we'll look at cases where you may hear clicking sounds coming from your air conditioner. Usually, these sounds signal that something is wrong, but it's not always a sign of a serious malfunction. It's not always necessary to seek professional help. You can fix some faults yourself. Let's take a look at what causes there might be for a clicking sound of your air conditioner.


Causes of air conditioner clicking

1. Loose fan

The clicking sound of the air conditioner may be a signal of a loose component. This could be many different parts of your system. One such component is the fan.


With a loose fan, you will hear the clicking sound when you turn the air conditioner on and off. The reason for the looseness could be wear and tear due to prolonged use or lack of maintenance. You can check if the fan is loose by removing the cover of the indoor unit. Usually, the component is located next to the coils.


2. Defective relay switch

Another component that can cause you to hear a clicking sound from the air conditioner is the switch. A faulty relay switch can also be indicated by the clicking when the air conditioner turns on and off.


In case you do not find any fan failure, check the condition of the relay switch. You may need to replace the relay with a new one. Be sure to purchase a model that matches the old one.


3. Defective control board

You may try to turn on your air conditioner, but instead, it starts making a clicking sound every few seconds. This is probably a sign that the control board isn't working properly. This type of failure is a serious one that should be repaired as soon as possible. Do not attempt to repair the circuit board yourself as there is a risk of damaging the entire air conditioner.


4. Malfunctioning thermostat

The role of the thermostat is to transmit a signal to the air conditioner relative to the room temperature. If this component is faulty, the air conditioner will not receive the correct signals, and it can also cause a clicking sound. The cause of the failure could be thermostat wear or burn or loose wires. You may be able to repair your thermostat yourself if you have experience with wires and this type of equipment. However, it is a good idea to seek a professional technician who will check if the condition of your air conditioner is upright.


5. Compressor problems

The compressor is a major part of the air conditioning system that is responsible for pressurizing and converting the refrigerant into gas. If you hear an unusual noise from this component, it's a sign of a serious problem. Repairs may be needed, but the compressor may also need to be replaced.


Unlike the previous cases, in this one, you should not underestimate the compressor failure because it can damage the entire system. Therefore, if you hear a clicking, rattling or other type of noise from the compressor, disconnect the unit from power and seek professional help as soon as possible.



What other causes could there be for the clicking noise from the air conditioner?

There may be other reasons why your air conditioner is making a clicking sound. These could include loose bolts or improper installation. If you want to take the necessary care to protect your system from damage, you should be sure to schedule a system maintenance appointment before each active season.


Popping sounds aren't the only sounds you may hear from your air conditioner. You may hear whistling, rattling, knocking, and other noises. In any case, they're not normal. You can read more on this topic in our article, Why is your air conditioner making strange noises?


When to replace the noisy air conditioner?

If you're increasingly having problems with your air conditioner and it's about 10 years old or more, it might be time to think about replacing it. Repairing your old air conditioner can cost a lot more than a new one. The new unit will run more efficiently, and you will have lower energy bills.


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