The World Cup in Qatar was an event that many football fans were looking forward to. But, as we know, Qatar is a country that is known for its warm weather conditions. But thanks to the home appliance giant Midea, the World Cup in Qatar was cooler and comfortable for everyone involved in this event.


For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Midea supplied and maintained 2,500 sets of air conditioners in 100 security screening centres across the seven competition venues.


Several stadiums were equipped with Midea's core products such as VRF, rooftop and packaged air conditioners. Other venues where Midea products were installed include the security centre, media centre and surrounding facilities.


These air conditioners not only helped reduce heat and humidity during the games, but also helped improve indoor air quality.


With the help of Midea's air conditioners, the Qatar World Cup organisers ensured better health and comfort for everyone involved in the event. This is a testament to Midea's commitment to its customers and its role as a leader in the air conditioning industry.