Review of Midea All Easy Pro Nordic inverter air conditioner

Advantages and features of the Midea All Easy Pro Nordic series of economical air conditioners


With temperatures dropping and costs rising, every household needs an economical yet efficient way of heating. This article will present a series of air conditioners that meet these requirements.


The Midea All Easy Pro Nordic is more than suitable for economical heating, saving on energy costs while providing the comfort needed. The series is equipped with a special low-temperature kit that is adapted to operate at very low temperatures. Of course, that's not all. The air conditioners have a bunch more extras that could satisfy even the most demanding users.


The various features of the Midea All Easy Pro Nordic

When choosing an air conditioning system, the guiding factors are the available features and the economy. Let's take a look at the most outstanding features of the All Easy Pro Nordic:


1. Intelligent control

The Midea All Easy Pro Nordic air conditioner features Wi-Fi control, allowing it to be controlled from anywhere in the world via smartphone or tablet. With the help of the Wi-fi feature, users coming home could pre-set their air conditioner to their desired temperature. This way, by coming home, the user would be able to enjoy their already warm home. This feature of it is more than useful, especially for families with children who have the constant need for warmth and comfort.

However, for cases where time is a constraint and manual setting would not be possible, the 24-hour timer is another option. It allows precise times within 24 hours to be set for the air conditioner to switch on and off.


2. Stylish and sustainable design

Featuring the so-called "Diamond design", the panels of the outdoor unit are extremely resistant and durable. This adds strength to the entire body and makes the construction more resistant to vibrations. In addition, the unit also features the new Bionic fan. Thanks to its shape, which resembles an Archimedean screw, the outdoor unit of the inverter air conditioner runs quieter, saving excess noise.


3. Automatic restart

In sudden situations, such as an unexpected power failure, after the unit resumes operation, the system restarts and returns to the last set operating mode. This way, even if the system restarts, you do not have to set the appropriate setting for your home again.


4. Freon leak protection

One other, more common problem for air conditioner users is Freon leaks. Fortunately, Midea's indoor unit has the technology to catch and warn with an "EC" error code when Freon is leaking. If this happens, the air conditioner automatically shuts down. In this way, the compressor will be protected from damage that can be caused by the high temperature when the refrigerant leaks.


5. Operation at low temperatures

One of the great advantages of the air conditioner is its ability to operate at very low temperatures - down to - 25°C. Unlike the Midea All Easy Pro Nordic, conventional modern inverter air conditioners are designed to operate and create comfort in outside temperatures from +46°C to -15°C degrees. This resistance of the model is thanks to the heater on the bottom of the outdoor unit, which features. Its role is to warm and prevent condensation from freezing in freezing temperatures.


6. Clean and healthy air

One of the most unpleasant things in any home is the incessant accumulation of dust. When the air conditioner is running, this same dust can very easily be spread into the air along with harmful microorganisms causing irritations.


Compared to ordinary air conditioners, the All Easy Pro Nordic series have several different filters that successfully deal with irritants and dirt in the air. The high-quality Bio Filter (NERA) involves a biological enzyme that helps kill bacteria by breaking down their cell wall and preventing their reappearance.


Also featuring a Golden Fin coating, the heat exchanger is protected from bacteria growth as well as multiplication. In this way, the heat exchanger is as efficient as possible in transferring heat to the indoor body.


Another filtering element is the Eco filter, which in turn traps small dust particles and neutralises bacteria, fungi and microbes. All of these provide up to 80% cleaner and healthier air.


In addition to all this, the air conditioner is also equipped with a so-called super ionizer. It is tasked with releasing multiple positive and negative ions that play an important role in neutralizing odors, tobacco smoke and pollen.


7. Self-cleaning function

One of the favorite settings for users is the self-cleaning feature. During the self-cleaning process, the indoor unit operates through a special mode to blow out and dehumidify the evaporator. This feature is designed to keep the indoor unit of the air conditioner clean and prevent the growth of bacteria.


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