The Oasis Plus Nordic range of Midea air conditioners is a great solution for air conditioning even in extreme cold temperatures. The system offers a wide operating range: -15°C ~ 50°C in cooling mode and -30°C ~ 30°C in heating mode, and a cooling/heating energy class of A+++/A+++. This guarantees you perfect air-conditioning all year round.


The air conditioners in the Oasis Plus Nordic range are specialized in heating and feature additional anti-frost protection with a compressor heater belt and a heater on the bottom of the outdoor unit.


To ensure your comfort and to provide proper air conditioning, the system is equipped with many intelligent features that also contribute to its economical operation.


Advantages and features of Midea's Oasis Plus Nordic series


Electric heaters for low-temperature operation

The system is protected against condensate freezing even at extremely low temperatures thanks to the heater installed at the bottom of the outdoor unit. The compressor is also equipped with another heater, which makes it easier to start the system in low temperatures and contributes to energy savings.


Super ioniser

You can rest assured that the room air will be purified and unpleasant odours such as cigarette smoke, dust and other pollutants will be neutralised. To give you the protection you need, the system features a super ionizer that releases positive and negative ions. Thanks to it, you can enjoy clean and healthy indoor air.


Bio filter (HEPA)

For even more precise removal of even fine particles, bacteria, fungi and germs, the air conditioners in the range are equipped with a HEPA filter. This filter contains a special biological enzyme that breaks down the cell wall of bacteria and eliminates them.


Human activity sensor

The innovative Intelligent Eye function senses the presence of people in the air-conditioned room, enabling you to control the airflow. You can direct the airflow towards those present or, conversely, direct it away from them. If there are no people in the room for more than 30 minutes, the system automatically switches to economy mode. If the room becomes dark, the function will switch off. This can save you up to 25% on your energy costs.


Self-cleaning function

The Oasis Plus Nordic series air conditioners also feature an innovative self-cleaning function that protects the appliance from bacteria build-up and helps it last longer. During the self-cleaning process, the heat exchanger heats up and so accumulated moisture is removed. This neutralises unpleasant odours after cooling and prevents the build-up of germs and bacteria. This process takes approximately 15 minutes.


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