The old air conditioner makes strange sounds or does not work as it should? Does it require frequent repairs and does it produce relatively high bills? Maybe it's time to replace it with a new one! When a person buys a new air conditioner, he does not do so thinking that he will be changing it in 3 years, and probably not even in 8 years. In our minds, the air conditioner is a long-term investment, but we must not forget that it also requires maintenance. Changing your air conditioner with a new one is not a whim or an act of artistic urge - very often it is a necessity that we do not realize until we are informed of some of the most common reasons to take such a step.

There are two options in front of you - to repair the old air conditioner, and the costs can be as much as the price of a new one or to replace it with something new with an extended warranty period. Although the replacement may seem like an expensive investment at the moment, you should probably change your perspective because it will most definitely pay off over time. That's why you should do it now:

  • Lower electricity bills
    More and more people are switching their heating to air conditioning systems. Some people do so only in order to reduce electricity bills. Ineffective heating and cooling of the home can seriously weigh on the family budget. Even if your old air conditioner appears to be "okay", one of the most important signals is that there is a big jump in your electricity bill. The first thing you will notice when you change the old with a new one is the lower electricity bills. Not to mention the lower noise level and purity of the air.
  • The air conditioner is really old
    You don’t remember the last time you’ve changed your air conditioner or did maintenance? This probably means it’s been too long, and it is time to replace it. Air conditioners usually last up to 20 years. If your air conditioner is older, then it is best to replace it. Of course, you can continue to use it if you want, as long as you have not noticed any problems.
  • The air is not exactly clean
    The new air conditioning systems offer a greater variety of filters and modern cleaning systems. The self-cleaning function is now available in almost all air conditioners, and there are ionizing filters and allergen deactivating systems that make the air clean and fresh, removing even viruses and bacteria. Cleaner air equals a more comfortable environment for the user.
  • Lower noise levels
    The fully functional air conditioning system must work almost silently. No one wants to have a lack of sleep or complaining neighbours. Minor noise changes may simply mean the need for some repairs. The fan may not be working correctly, or a part of the device has loosened, or maybe an internal mechanism is clogged with dust. However, if the noise is a little different - such as squeaking, rattling, buzzing, this can indicate a severe problem that could require replacing the air conditioner.
  • Cleaner environment
    More and more air conditioners are produced with the R32 freon, which is safer and more environmentally friendly than the previous freons used in domestic air conditioning. When choosing an air conditioner with freon R32, you take care of the environment and help reduce global warming.
  • You want to have control over your air conditioner
    Many new air conditioning models have the option to be controlled through your mobile device. Adjusting the desired temperature, operating mode, air purification, and even controlling fans with an interactive thermostat is now possible. Not only can you control the air conditioner over your phone, but you can also keep track of your energy bills so that you can determine for sure exactly how much you save.
  • Improved efficiency
    Newer models of air conditioners provide conditioned air without strange odors, without weird sounds and the convenience of turning on your air conditioner before you arrive home in a cold winter day. Furthermore, they offer improved and more effective heating and cooling of your home or office. And all this with lower electricity bills.
  • Does not fit the interior
    It may not be one of the most prominent reasons to change your air conditioner, but it is still rather important to some people. Over the years, leading brands are competing to put on the market a more innovative and beautiful air conditioning design. Today, the air conditioner is an integral part of the interior design, and its purpose is not only to work but also to complement the home with its beautiful presence.

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