Midea's new GAIA range of air conditioners is inspired by nature, bringing true fresh air into your home. Thanks to the innovative OxygenFresh air exchange system, i-Clean function and Breezeless effect, GAIA can give you the incredible feeling of breathing freely as if you were in the mountains.


The series is also the perfect solution for an economical and almost silent air conditioning system that you can control from anywhere.


Advantages of the Midea GAIA series of air conditioning systems

More and more people are becoming interested in the topic of air quality in homes and offices. However, conventional air conditioners do not offer a particularly good solution to the issue. Instead of bringing fresh air into the room, they only help with its circulation.


Midea's GAIA range of air conditioners enables you to enjoy perfect air conditioning with advanced ventilation, bringing in fresh air from outside.


Hybrid technology for supplying fresh room air

The hybrid fresh air exchange system provides fresh air from the outside to be supplied into the room. The technology creates micro-positive pressure, thus blowing stale air outside and delivering completely new and clean air. This ensures free breathing as if you were in nature. These conditions are favourable even for sensitive family members who need fresh air the most, including the elderly and children.


Breezeless TwinFlap™ technology with micro vents

The system features two opposing flaps that direct airflow in a delicate manner to resemble a gentle and pleasant breeze. The two deflectors have a total of 7,928 micro-holes that contribute to the fine distribution of air in small air jets.


H13 HEPA filter

Uncompromising air purification is taken care of by the most innovative HEPA13 filter, which has 99.95% certified efficiency. The HEPA filter can filter incoming fresh room air of PM 0.3, small dust particles, bacteria, pollen, fungi and microbes.


Intelligent Wi-Fi control

Midea GAIA air conditioners feature a built-in Wi-Fi control module that works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Assistant and many more. You can easily control your air conditioner from anywhere using the intuitive app. You also have the option to adjust the system via voice commands.


Learn more about the Midea GAIA series on the Midea.bg website. Contact our team if you need a consultation.