The Midea MFA2U-HRFNX(GA) inverter floor air conditioner is not only a stylish and compact solution for cooling and heating rooms, but also an ideal choice for those looking for efficiency and energy savings.


It has a cooling/heating energy class of A++/A+ and many innovative features that make it extremely user-friendly. This is one of the most efficient air conditioning systems on the market that will not leave you disappointed.


In this article, we'll take a look at the main features and benefits of the model so you can decide if it's right for your needs.


Advantages of Midea MFA2U inverter floor air conditioner


Floor or wall mountable

Midea's new floor air conditioner is one of the most functional models on the market. It can be mounted either on the floor or low on the wall, making it an extremely flexible solution for different rooms.


Thanks to this, you can save space and have extra room for your needs.


Two separate fans

The two separate fans ensure optimal airflow and fast cooling or heating to enjoy maximum comfort all year round.


The air conditioner works with the latest technology to optimise airflow, reducing energy consumption and improving performance.


Quiet operation

The fan operates with a subtle 20.9dB(A) noise. It has been designed to be quiet, ensuring that it will not interfere with the working environment or the relaxation of those in the vicinity of the unit.


Excellent air quality

For excellent air quality, the new floor air conditioner features several notable extras.


  • Super Ioniser

The super ionizer releases positive and negative ions that remove unpleasant odors, dust, tobacco smoke and pollen to ensure clean and healthy indoor air.


  • Bio filter

Bio (HEPA) filter, containing a special biological enzyme, which kills bacteria to avoid recontamination.


  • Silver ion filter

Silver ions act on the cell structure of bacteria and viruses and thus neutralise them.


  • The i-Clean function

The i-Clean function is an innovative solution for air conditioners that provides greater hygiene and comfort for users. This Midea model uses an improved algorithm that alternates between cooling and heating modes to maximise cleaning results and eliminate more harmful organisms and declog the indoor unit's heat exchanger.


High energy efficiency

With Midea's new floor air conditioner, you have control over your energy consumption and system performance. Gear shirt, Eco mode, Night mode and room temperature change tracking mode are available for this purpose.


Innovative control

The air conditioner features Wi-fi control, allowing you to directly access the unit's operation via a smartphone or tablet.


You can find out more about the Midea MFA2U and the other models the brand has on offer at If you need advice, contact our team who are ready to assist you.