How does air conditionер work most economically in winter?

Tips on how to reduce your energy costs and help your air conditioner run economically.


As the weather gets colder and your air conditioner switches to heating mode, you're probably also wondering how to use your unit so that you've saved as much as possible on energy costs at the end of the month. Every winter, we know this becomes a major expense for many businesses and households, but running your appliances economically doesn't just depend on how new they are. The bottom line can be a result of a number of actions on your part and how you maintain your system and home. In the following lines, we will analyze the factors that affect the performance of your air conditioner and what you can do about it to reduce your electricity bill.


How does the air conditioner work most economically when heating?


1. Correct sizing of the air conditioner

Why is correct air conditioner sizing so important? Some people believe that if they buy a larger size air conditioner than they need, it can even help their heating efficiency. Above all else, you need to understand how the air conditioner works in heating mode. If its capacity is larger than necessary, the room will warm up quickly, but the appliance will also turn off and on too often. Not only will this lead to higher electricity bills, it will also reduce the lifespan of the unit.


2. Energy class of the air conditioner

The energy class is another important factor that affects electricity costs. The efficiency of the appliance in different modes can be checked on its energy label.


According to the new energy efficiency scale for household air conditioners, the most efficient appliances are labelled "A+++" and the least efficient "D". The new features for determining the efficiency of air conditioners are the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio SEER (in cooling mode) and SCOP (in heating mode).


The SCOP expresses the overall coefficient that indicates the air conditioner's efficiency over the entire heating season and is determined by dividing the calculated annual heating load by the annual electricity consumption required for heating.


Recommended economy modes of the air conditioner:

Not all modes listed are present in all systems in general. But with some Midea air conditioner models, you can take advantage of the full package of economy features we'll list:


Night mode

This mode is present in every air conditioning system for a reason. It provides exceptional comfort by gradually reducing (in heating mode) or increasing (in cooling mode) the degrees by one unit during the first hours, and then the temperature remains fixed.


ECO mode

This economical mode integrates new innovative ECO energy saving technology. When the "ECO" button is activated, the air conditioner reduces energy consumption by 60% within 8 hours of continuous operation.


Standby mode

This mode is also available on Midea air conditioners, when used the air conditioner automatically switches to energy saving mode when switched off. This cuts power consumption from 5W to 1W, which can provide up to 80% energy savings.


8°C heating mode

The 8°C heating mode maintains this constant temperature, preventing your home from getting too cold in winter or pipes and house plants freezing. The mode is particularly suitable when the home's occupants are away for long periods.


24-hour timer

A 24-hour timer can be set to turn the air conditioning system on and off within 24 hours.


Wi-Fi control

Wi-Fi control allows easy control of the air conditioning system via smart devices - smartphone or tablet. Control can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, so you have full control over the air conditioner's energy consumption.


Other useful features that the air conditioner Ve good to have if you use it in winter:


Compressor heater

The electric compressor heater provides easier system start-up on cold days.


Heater on the bottom of the outdoor unit

The electric heater on the bottom of the outdoor unit prevents condensate from freezing in freezing temperatures.


How to improve heating efficiency?

In addition to using the appropriate modes, there are several other things you can do:


Clean the air conditioner filters regularly

One thing is for sure-the filters get dirty when you use your air conditioner. This means they need to be cleaned too. Get that cleaning done regularly if you want to help your air conditioner be as efficient as possible.


Improve insulation

If your home isn't well insulated, it might be time to take care of it. There's a very good chance that poor insulation is the reason why you're not able to keep your rooms warm properly and have high energy bills at the same time.


Seal windows and use curtains

Windows are where cold air can enter your home and reduce the efficiency of your system. Sealing them and using curtains will certainly help keep the room warmer.


Don't skip your annual air conditioning maintenance

Annual maintenance is a way to keep your system running efficiently and keep yourself informed about its condition. Problems aren't always visible, but air conditioning technicians know how to perform the necessary checks and repairs. So be sure to schedule an appointment for your annual professional air conditioner checkup.


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