To get the best out of your air conditioning system, it's not enough to just choose the right model for the room. You need to take into account the openings, the location of the room and where the air conditioner will be installed, as well as the thickness of the walls.


Think about what you can change. It is much easier to tailor the installation to the room's characteristics than the other way around. Therefore, it's best to decide exactly where to mount your air conditioner so that it works as efficiently as possible.


Many people make the choice of where to install by considering mostly what will be most comfortable for them. But in order for your air conditioner to be as economical as possible and have a long life, you need to consider the location and a few other factors.


Factors to consider when choosing an air conditioning installation location


Height of air conditioners

The science of anthrometry can help you determine at what height to install your air conditioner. According to it, the human body can sense air that is 0,9 to 1,5 m high. The goal is to place the air conditioner so that the air in that area is cool or warm depending on the purpose. Remember that warm air tends to rise up and cool air tends to fall down, so choose a height for the air conditioner that will contribute to the natural airflow cycle.


Split air conditioning system installation location

Split air conditioners have an indoor and outdoor unit that are interconnected. The indoor unit is placed on the wall in the room. It should be installed above human height. A suitable approximate height is 2,1-2,4 m from the floor. It is important to leave at least 100 mm clearance from the ceiling so that the air returning to the air conditioner is not obstructed.


Location of the air conditioner in the room

Proper placement is what allows the air conditioner to distribute airflow evenly throughout the room. It is therefore best to install it in the middle of the room. Of course, this should also be technically possible.


Avoid an asymmetrical arrangement of the indoor unit

There is no golden rule for air conditioner installation. There may be cases where it should be more in line with the windows and doors. Take into account the position of the furniture in the room. It's good practice to choose to position the unit above seating or sleeping areas rather than opposite them, so you're not directly under the airflow.


Connection to the outdoor air conditioning unit

Outdoor air conditioning units generate vibrations and can sometimes be noisier. Place the outdoor and indoor units as close together as possible. It is best to keep the distance between them to no more than 15 m.


Connection to water drainage

Consider also the condensed water that drains from the indoor unit. The installation location must also take this into account so that the water can be drained away without problems.


The choice of installation location is room specific. Each room has a different layout, so if you are not sure exactly where to place the unit, you can always consult a qualified technician.


In general, it's best to have the installation itself done by a professional so you can rest assured that your air conditioner is installed correctly. This way, you will enjoy low energy bills, efficient air conditioning and a long service life of the unit.


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