After entering the European market and setting up a branch in 1998, Midea RAC adopted the development of its own brand as one of its main strategies in the medium and long term. With a series of deployments, the Midea Group is continuously enriching the product mix worldwide and increasing the strength of the OBM team. In 2008, the company's sales exceeded 1 million sets and reached 10 million sets in 2021. In 2022, Midea's own brand RAC achieved the largest domestic market share in 20 countries.


In the United States, the Midea brand began to appear in famous retail stores, and the Midea U-shaped window air conditioner enjoyed great popularity for its unique design and superior performance, and won endless praises. In Japan, TOSHIBA air conditioners ranked among the top 5 according to GFK's retail market share report. In Brazil, Midea represents not only a home appliance brand but also an innovative and technological lifestyle.


In terms of products, Midea RAC has always been at the forefront of the highly competitive global field of air conditioners. It has developed various targeted products to meet the needs and usage habits of local consumers in different markets and stages of development. Midea GAIA, which was launched in 2022 with a focus on natural air, and Midea Wonder AC, which is the first inverter window air conditioner tailored for consumers in the Middle East, have earned a reputation for exceeding expectations.


Midea RAC is also making every effort to promote the transformation of OBM by focusing on improving overseas sales opportunities and continuously promoting channel expansion, POS construction and marketing. Today, we are in the era of major VUCA changes. Times are changing and so is the market. However, POS improvement is always an important strategy. An excellent POS image can not only clearly convey the brand value and product image, but also win the attention of consumers.


The selection of the best Midea RAC store in the world in 2022 received active cooperation and participation. A total of 27 high-quality stores made the final selection and were exposed on social media platforms in different countries and regions, receiving a total of over 750,000 views and more than 30,000 likes.


To get back to the core of the business, the selection of the best stores globally aims to promote the improvement of POS image, build POS capabilities with SELL OUT at the core, so that more good products can be sold faster and better, and the business of OBM partners can grow with the rise of the Midea brand.


Selected through the final result of the jury voting and social media exhibition, the "2022 Midea RAC's Global Top 10 Stores" are:


Taqeef Al Alin showroom from the UAE

Taqeef Baghdad showroom from Iraq

M-Techniks Midea showroom from Georgia

Midea UZB showroom from Uzbekistan

Midea Appliance Center Guam from Guam

Cairo Master from Egypt

Showroom Midea Libya from Libya

Midea Tampico from Mexico

Showroom Öztek Klima from Turkey

Thaifah City from Thailand


Midea confirms that going forward it will continue to work with its partners to make more progress in building POS and promoting the Midea RAC brand.