Advantages of floor air conditioners

Features and benefits of floor air conditioning systems.


The demand for floor air conditioners is getting bigger. The investment in floor air conditioners is more compared to wall air conditioners, but it is better to choose them in some cases. This article will point out the advantages of these air conditioning systems and for which users they would be suitable.


These air conditioners are suitable for installation close to the floor. They are functional, taking up little space, and almost silent. But these are not the only advantages of a floor air conditioner.


1. They are functional

These are inverter air conditioners that can operate in cooling and heating mode. Their efficiency characterizes them as the air stream is distributed throughout the room. They have a self-cleaning system, and some models have Wi-Fi control. You can control your floor air conditioner with your phone via a special app if you have internet access.


2. They are silent

Floor air conditioners are extremely quiet, making them suitable for installation in the bedroom. You will be able to relax and fall asleep peacefully at a comfortable temperature.


3. Eco-friendly air conditioning option

Most models work with a new refrigerant that is much more environmentally friendly than its predecessors.


4. They provide clean and fresh air

Floor air conditioners neutralize odors and prevent mold and mildew. The filters trap dust and other allergens, thus purifying the room.


5. High energy efficiency

They have a high energy rating, making them very economical. Thanks to this, they also have less impact on the environment.


6. Stylish design

The clean and stylish design will fit perfectly into any room you have. The simple body is slim and hardly noticeable.


7. Economical

Even if a floor air conditioner investment seems large, you will enjoy lower energy bills.


8. Easy installation

They are easy to install and stand low on the floor. Thanks to this, they will be more accessible to you, and you can clean them regularly. Trust professionals and let them install your air conditioning system because installation is of utmost importance. For an appliance to work efficiently, it must be installed properly.


Tips when using floor air conditioners

Choose a reasonable temperature. There should not be much difference in the temperature inside the room and that outside.


Clean the filters regularly so they can function normally and trap dust and allergens.


Clean the indoor unit regularly too, because since it is mounted low, it is supposed to collect dust.


Once a year, a professional maintenance check should be done. Call the company that installed the air conditioner or look for another authorized company.


Floor air conditioner or wall air conditioner for home?

If you're still on the fence about getting a floor air conditioner, don't hesitate to do some comparisons with other types of air conditioners. When choosing a home air conditioner, consumers most often choose between a floor air conditioner and a wall air conditioner.


To choose the better option, you should consider the pros and cons of each system.


For example, wall air conditioners have more complicated installation and maintenance, but their filters don't get as dirty as floor air conditioners. They are more efficient in cooling mode compared to floor air conditioners.


Most floor air conditioner models have two airflows, one directed upwards and the other downwards. The low airflow provides indispensable heating comfort. Thanks to it, your feet won't be cold. The room is heated quickly and evenly.


You can also install the floor air conditioner under windows or at sloping ceilings. At the same time, however, you should choose an installation location where the furniture in your home will not obstruct the airflow.


For the disadvantage of floor air conditioners can consider their high cost. However, they will help you save on your electricity bills in the long run.


Another thing that can be considered as a disadvantage is that the filters of floor air conditioners get dirty more and need to be cleaned much more often due to their low placement.


If you have a home with sloping walls and need good heating, make your home more energy-efficient with a floor air conditioner. The investment in it will pay for itself in a few months, and then you'll only be in profit!


Whatever type of air conditioner you choose, cleaning is of the utmost importance for your unit. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your air conditioning system.


The right choice is up to you. If you need advice and opinion on type, make and model of air conditioner, contact us.


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