Midea's Xtreme Heat Nordic range of air conditioning systems is the perfect heating solution. These air conditioners are specially designed to work efficiently even at extremely low temperatures. The models offer high heating capacity and economical power consumption. Equipped with specific technology, they can heat the room in which they are installed without problems at outside temperatures as low as -25°C.


Advantages and features of Midea's Xtreme Heat Nordic series


Electric heaters for low temperature operation

The air conditioners from this series feature an electrical heater for the outdoor unit and a compressor heater belt, preventing condensation from freezing and making it easier to start the system in very cold ambient temperatures, as low as -25°C.


8°C heating

In 8°C heating mode, the system maintains a constant temperature. This feature is extremely useful for preventing the home from getting cold and protecting the pipes from freezing in the winter while you are away.


Bio filter (HEPA)

The bio filter consists of a special biological enzyme and a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter traps very small particles such as dust, bacteria, fungi and microbes. The biological enzyme kills bacteria by breaking down their cell wall, thus eliminating re-pollution.


Golden Fin

Golden Fin coating is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than conventional Blue Fin coating. Golden Fin effectively prevents the growth and spread of bacteria and improves resistance to corrosive elements.


Horizontal soaring of the louvers

The air conditioners feature horizontal louvres that achieve a soaring angle of up to 120°, unlike conventional systems that soar at a 90° angle. Thanks to this feature, a more precise airflow direction can be achieved.


Wi-Fi control

The air-conditioning systems of the series can be controlled from anywhere and at any time via a mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet.


Gear Shift function

This function allows you to set the compressor's operating power to 50%, 75% or 100%. This way you can regulate the power consumption. The function is only active in cooling mode.


Follow Me function

The remote control is equipped with a temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the operation of the air conditioner depending on the temperature measured in the remote control area.


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