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Midea MFYA400-24ARFN1-QRD0W inverter floor standing air conditioner

Midea MFYA400-24ARFN1Q-QRD0W inverter floor standing air conditioner

  • Type: Floor-standing air conditioner;
  • Technology: inverter air conditioner;
  • Energy Class: А++/A+;
  • Cooling SEER: 6.10;
  • Heating SCOP: 4.00;
  • Capacity: 24 000 Btu;
  • Warranty: 36 months.

3 399,00 лв. VAT incl.

Midea MFYA400-24ARFN1Q-QRD0W inverter floor standing air conditioner

We present you the Midea MFYA inverter floor standing air conditioner which features a new, stylish, and sophisticated design, with an easy-to-clean front panel and extremely quiet operation.

Features and extras of the Midea MFYA400-24ARFN1Q-QRD0W inverter floor standing air conditioner

24-hour timer

Ability to set a 24-hour timer to turn the air conditioning system on and off within 24 hours.

Anti-Cold Air

The fan speed in the indoor unit of the air conditioner is adjusted automatically depending on the temperature of the evaporator when heating the room. This prevents cold air from blowing when the air conditioner is started in heating mode.

Automatic restart

In the event that the air conditioner stops working unexpectedly due to a power outage, it will restart automatically as soon as power is restored and will start operating in the mode set before the power was turned off.

Low ambient temperature kit

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner can work in a heating mode without problems at very low outdoor temperatures.

Golden Fin heat exchanger coating

The Golden Fin coating is more resistant to oxidation and corrosion than ordinary Blue Fin coating. Golden Fin effectively prevents the growth and spread of bacteria and improves resistance to corrosive elements.

Refrigerant leak detection

The indoor unit of the air conditioner detects an error code "EC", which will be displayed and will stop working automatically when a freon leak is detected. This will protect the air conditioning compressor from damage caused by high temperatures when the refrigerant leaks.

LED display

The indoor unit has a large LED display giving information about the operation of the air conditioning system.

Technical Specifications for Midea MFYA400-24ARFN1Q-QRD0W inverter floor standing air conditioner

Technical specification for inverter floor standing air conditioner Midea MFYA400-24ARFN1Q-QRD0W
ModelIndoor UnitMFYA400-24ARFN1Q-QRD0W
Outdoor UnitMOX401UL-24AFN1-QRD0W
Power SourceV/O/Hz220-240 / 1 / 50
CapacityCoolingkW7.03 (0.68 - 8.52)
Heating7.62 (2.81 - 9.79)
Input PowerCooling / HeatingkW2.34 (0.57 - 3.60) / 2.00 (1.45 - 3.15)
Heating (-7°C)5.8
Heating (2°C)5.7
SCOP (-7°C)Heating4.00
SCOP (2°C)Heating4.60
Heating (-7°C)A+
Heating (2°C)A++
Running CurrentCooling / HeatingA10.4 (2.5 - 16.0) / 8.9 (6.7 ~ 14.0)
Air Flow (indoor unit)m3/h990 / 760 / 640
Sound pressure level (indoor unit)dB(A)39.5 / 37.5 / 34.5
Sound power level (indoor unit)dB(A)59
Air Flow (outdoor unit)m3/h3500
Sound pressure level (outdoor unit)dB(A)58.5
Sound power level (outdoor unit)dB(A)68
Dimension (W x D x H)
Indoormm1775 x 405 x 405
Outdoormm673 x 890 x 343
Refrigerant piping (Liquid / Gas)mm6.35 / 12.7
Max. refrigerant pipe lengthm50
Max. difference in level25
Operation temperatureCooling°C-15 ~ 50
Heating-15 ~ 24
Refrigerant / Charged (kg)R410A / 1.95
Cooling EfficiencyA++
Heating EfficiencyA+
Cooling Capacity7.03 kW
Heating Capacity7.62 kW
Btu24000 Btu