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Midea MH-SU65-RN8L Chiller

Midea MH-SU65-RN8L Chiller

  • Series: Aqua Thermal Super;
  • Cooling Capacity: 57 kW;
  • Heating Capacity: 60 kW;
  • Cooling SEER: 4.80;
  • Heating SCOP: 4.45;
  • Refrigerant: R32.

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    Aqua Thermal Chillers


    • Refrigerant R32 75% less impact on global warming;
    • DC Inverter technology allows precise consumption on real load;
    • One-stop solution for heating, cooling and domestic hot water;
    • Maximum water temperature up to 60°C for DHW mode;
    • Minimum operation ambient temperature down to -10℃ for cooling mode;
    • High energy efficiency level A++ for energy saving (Water outlet temperature at 35°C);
    • Space saving;
    • Maximum 2240kW combination capacity;
    • Maximum 256 units controlled through Modbus;

    Ambient & Outlet Water Temperature

    Note: For cooling mode, if outlet water temperature is less than 5°C, anti-freeze liquid is needed. 0°C water temperature can be reached by changing DIP switch setting.

    High Quality Components

    DC Inverter compressor

    1. More compact, weight reduced by 50%
    2. Specially designed scroll profile for R32
    3. New structure enhances mid-frequency performance
    4. Advanced permanent magnet DC motor improves low frequency band performance

    High Efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger

    Plate heat exchanger uses metal plates to transfer heat between refrigerant and water. The fluids are exposed to a much larger surface area because the fluids spread out over the plates, so both heat transfer efficiency and heat exchanger speed are greatly improved. Multi protections including voltage protection, current protection, anti-freezing protection and water flow protection ensure system safety running.

    1. Refrigerant pipe
    2. Water pipe
    3. Water pipe
    4. Refrigerant pipe

    DC Fan Motors

    Fan speed is controlled according to the system pressure and system load, reducing power consumption by 30%. There are 32-step vector control.

    High Performance Heat Exchanger

    Hydrophilic film fins and inner-threaded copper pipes optimize heat exchange efficiency. The specially coated blue fins enhance durability and protect against corrosion from air, water and other corrosive agents, assures a longer coil service life.

    Heat exchanger aluminum foil

    • Standard products: 200h of neutral salt mist
    • Heavy anti-corrosion products: 1000h of neutral salt mist, 140h of acid salt mist

    Heat exchanger copper pipe

    • Standard products: 24h of neutral salt mist
    • Heavy anti-corrosion products: 150h of neutral salt mist

    1. Enlarge heat-exchanging area (Fin)
    2. Enhance heat transfer (Inner-threaded pipe)
    3. High efficiency (Fin + inner-threaded pipes)

    Precise Flow Control

    Patented liquid distribution components maximize performance and minimize impact of defrosting operation. 500-step EXV with capillary tube allows stable and accurate gas flow control. Fast response results in higher efficiency and improved reliability.

    Advanced Technology

    Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) Compressor

    Thanks to the vapor injection DC inverter compressor, unit can run heating mode stably down to -20℃, and the heating capacity can be improved greatly.

    Plate Heat Exchanger Subcooling

    Plate Heat Exchanger as a secondary intercooler boosts up refrigerant subcooling and improves 10% energy efficiency.

    Precise Oil Control Technology

    Four stages of oil control technology ensure all outdoor compressor oil is always kept at a safe level, eliminating any compressor oil shortage problems.

    • Compressor internal oil separation.
    • High-efficiency centrifugal oil separator (with separation efficiency of up to 99%) ensures that oil is separated from the discharge gas and returned to the compressors in a timely fashion.
    • Oil balance pipe ensures oil distribution to keep compressor running normally.
    • Auto oil return program monitors the running time and system status to ensure reliable oil return.

    Refrigerant Cooling PCB

    Refrigerant cooling PCB technology reduces electric control heating under harsh working conditions, effectively reduce the temperature of electronic control components, ensure the stable and safe operation of the unit control system.

    Intelligent Defrosting Technology

    The intelligent defrosting program calculates the time required for defrosting according to the actual system status, eliminating heat losses from unnecessary defrosting. A specialized defrosting valve reduces time required for defrosting to as little as four minutes.

    Rapid Cooling or Heating

    The DC inverter compressor reaches full capacity rapidly, providing quicker cooling or heating with lower levels of temperature fluctuation during the cooling/heating operation.


    Modular Design

    Modularity is perfect when an extension of capacity becomes required as the building load range from 75kW to 2240kW.

    Space Saving and Simplified Installation

    Single unit covers an area of only 1.92m² , which greatly saves lots of space for group control. The hydraulic models (customized) has the water pump components inside the unit, which can save the installation cost and time and make installation easier.

    High Reliability

    Alternative Cycle Duty Operation

    In one combination system, all units operate as alternative in cycle duty to keep equal running time, realize higher stability, better reliability and longer lifespan.

    Alternate Defrost Operation

    By detecting the water temperature, the proportion of defrosting unit can be determined intelligently so as to realize small water temperature fluctuation during the alternate defrosting period.

    Backup Function

    In a combination system, if one unit failed, other units can be back-up instead of the failed one for continuing operation.

    Multiple Functions

    Multiple Slient Modes

    Different silent modes enable noise reduction to suit time of day and ambient noise levels.

    • Standard mode
    • Silent mode
    • Super silent mode
    • Night silent mode

    Multiple Design Optimizations

    1.Optimized fan blade edge by CFD programs with analyzing air pressure distribution. Realize higher air volume, lower noise level.

    Guide air diffuser hood
    Reduce noise effectively

    Blade trailing edge dentate structure design
    Blade suction surface concave design
    Reduced turbulent kinetic energy

    Blade installation angle optimization design
    Improve airflow and fan efficiency

    Large blade front edge bending sweep design
    Blade outer edge falling vorticity design

    Big heat exchanger area
    Located in the upper part
    Uniform air flow
    High efficient “Double U” heat exchanger

    USB Function

    Convenient program upgrade
    No need to carry any other heavy equipments but only USB can realize program upgrade of indoor unit and outdoor unit.

    7 Levels of energy saving

    For projects with temporary electricity supply restrictions, the outdoor unit supports 7 levels of energy management which can be set to output 40-100% capacity. It prevents tripping during electricity supply restriction conditions and remains system continue to operate.

    Weather Temperature Curve

    With the help of Weather temperature curve function, water temperature will automatically change as outside air temperature changes. When outdoor air temperature increases/decreases, the heating load will decrease/increase and water temperature will decrease/increase automatically. When outdoor air temperature decreases/increases, the cooling load will decrease/increase and water temperature will increase/decrease automatically.

    Remote alarm, on/off control, cooling/heating control.

    One-touch Water Temperature Switching

    For cooling and heating mode, different water temperatures can be switched just by one-touch.

    Anti-Corrosion Protection

    Outdoor units are given anti-corrosion treatment for non-extreme conditions as standard and can also be customized with heavy anti-corrosion treatment on main components for surface protection against corrosive air, acid rain and saline air (for installations in coastal regions) to extend machine life span. The integrity of the anti-corrosion treatment is ensured by subjecting major components and parts to salt mist testing, moisture and heating testing and light aging testing.

    Fan motor

    Standard products:

    • 72h of neutral salt mist

    Heavy anti-corrosion products:

    • 240h of neutral salt mist

    Painted sheet metal

    Standard products:

    • 500h of neutral salt mist
    • 1000h of moisture and heating test
    • 500h of light aging test

    Heavy anti-corrosion products:

    • 1000h of neutral salt mist
    • 2000h of moisture and heating test
    • 720h of light aging test

    Screws / bolts / gaskets

    Standard products:

    • 300h of neutral salt mist

    Heavy anti-corrosion products:

    • 720h of neutral salt mist

    Electric control box case

    Standard products:

    • 96h of neutral salt mist

    Heavy anti-corrosion products:

    • 240h of neutral salt mist

    Heat exchanger copper pipe

    Standard products:

    • 24h of neutral salt mist

    Heavy anti-corrosion products:

    • 150h of neutral salt mist

    Heat exchanger aluminum foil

    Standard products:

    • 200h of neutral salt mist

    Heavy anti-corrosion products:

    • 1000h of neutral salt mist
    • 140h of acid salt mis

    Convenient Control

    Touch key wired controller as standard accessory to control the chillers

    • Touch key operation
    • Parameter setting an LCD display
    • Real-time clock function
    • Multiple timer
    • Power-off memory function
    • Modbus
    • Address setting
    • Parallel function
    • Buzzer prompt tone and alarm functions
    • Weekly schedule
    • Double set point function
    • Energy saving function

    Three User Levels

    Three different user levels ensure users can easily access control functions and allow engineers convenient access to operating parameters.

    Group control for up to maximum 16 units with one wired controller

    Each unit can connect with one controller for setting and one controller for monitoring.

    For 75/90/140kW model, maximum 16 units can be controlled with one controller.

    For 180kW model, maximum 8 units can be controlled with one controller.

    Modbus Compatible

    Multilingual wired controller using Modbus communication protocol

    Easy Installation

    Built-in Components

    1. Hydraulic module (customization option)
    2. Water flow switch
    3. Wired controller
    4. Air purge valve
    5. Pressure relief valve

    Water Pipe Connection

    Only water piping installation is needed, no need to install refrigerant piping. Unit uses hoop connection which can be changed to flange connection by using Midea accessory in orther to suit more application

    Rotatable electric control box

    (Only for 90/180kW model)

    The bottom layer can be easily achieved through the rotatable upper PCB, making the maintenance easier. Due to the micro combustibility of R32, the electric control box adopts explosion-proof design to ensure safety and reliability.

    • Rotatable upper PCB of the electric control box
    • Bottom layer of the electric control box
    Technical Specification for MH-SU65-RN8L Chiller
    Model nameMH-SU65-RN8L
    Power supplyV/Ph/Hz380-415/3/50
    Heating (A7W65)CapacitykW60
    Rated inputkW25.00
    Heating (A7W55)CapacitykW64
    Rated inputkW21.33
    Heating (A7W45)CapacitykW65
    Rated inputkW18.31
    Heating (A7W35)CapacitykW64
    Rated inputkW15.24
    SCOP (55) average3.25
    SCOP (35) average4.45
    Cooling (A35W7)CapacitykW57
    Rated inputkW19.00
    Cooling (A35W18)CapacitykW76
    Rated inputkW20.27
    Air side heat exchangerTypeFin coil mode
    FanTypeDC motor
    Air flow ratem3/h22000
    Water side heat exchangerTypePlate heat exchanger
    Water pressure dropkPa58
    Refrigerant systemRefrigerant typeR32
    Refrigerant chargekg9
    Throttle typeElectronic expansion valve
    Sound power level (A7W45)dB80
    Sound pressure level (1m) (A7W45)dB(A)64
    Net dimensions (W×H×D)mm2000 × 1770 × 960
    Packed dimensions (W×H×D)mm2085 × 1890 × 1030
    Net weightkg440
    Gross weightkg455
    Water pipe connectionsmmDN50
    Operating temperatureCooling°C-10 to 48
    Heating°C-20 to 43
    DHW°C-20 to 43
    Water outlet temperatureCooling1°C0 to 20
    Heating°C25 to 65
    DHW(Heat pump)°C30 to 62
    DHW(Heat pump+Electric heater2)°C30 to 70


    1. Antifreeze fluid is needed when water outlet temperature less than 5°C.
    2. Electric heater installed in the tank is field supplied.
    SeriesAqua Thermal Super
    Cooling Capacity57 kW
    Heating Capacity60 kW
    Capacity65 kW