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Midea MCA3U-12FNXD0 cassette type inverter air conditioner

  • Type: Cassette;
  • Technology: Inverter air conditioner;
  • Energy Class: А++/A+;
  • Cooling SEER: 6.10;
  • Heating SCOP: 4.00;
  • Capacity: 12 000 Btu;
  • Warranty: 36 months.

1 799,00 лв. VAT incl.

Midea MCA3U-12FNXD0 cassette type inverter air conditioner

The new Midea MCA3U-12FNXD0 cassette type inverter air conditioner features a 360° air flow panel and fresh air intake thanks to which the outside air can be led into the room via a connection pipe, which keeps the indoor air fresh and healthy. The air conditioner is designed for easy installation with the E-box inside the indoor unit. The E-box can be maintained by simply opening the air-retum-grille.

Features and extras of the Midea MCA3U-12FNXD0 inverter air conditioner

Follow Me Follow Me - The inbuilt thermistor in the remote controller will sense the temperatures surrounding the user, allowing the system to offer the greatest levels of comfort control.

8°C heating 8°C heating - In heating operation, the preset temperature of the air conditioner can be as low as 8°C, which keeps the room temperature steady at 8°C for in winter.

Temperature Compensation Temperature Compensation - This function helps overcome any discrepancies in temperature that can be found between the height of the indoor fan and controlled space. Helping provide a more accurate temperature control.

360° Air Flow Panel 360° Air Flow Panel - 360 degree air outlet creates a soft and gentle air flow which circulates throughout the whole space, offering optimum temperature distribution.

Refrigerant Leakage Detect Refrigerant Leakage Detect - This function automatically monitors the operating parameters of the system and stops the equipment from running if a refrigerant leak is detected.

Emergency Use Funtion Emergency Use Function - If a temperature sensor error occurs the unit will alarm and operate in emergency function mode until replaced. The system will continue to operate based on average readings from the previous days control.

Low Ambient Cooling Low Ambient Cooling - With built-in low ambient kit and a specially designed PCB, the outdoor fan speed is automatically changed according to the condensing temperature. Cooling is achievable down to -15°C.

Fresh Air Fresh Air - Outside air can be ducted onto the indoor fan coil to provide room occupants with fresh and healthy air.

Wired Control Wired Control - Wired controller can be fixed to the wall for a permanently mounted control solution.

Central Control Management Central Control Management - The centralised controller is a multi functional device that can control multiple units/systems.

Auto Restart Function Auto Restart Function - If the system is stopped because of power interruption it will automatically restart in the previous settings and mode when the power resumes.

Louver Position Memory Louver Position Memory - When you start the unit next time, the angle of horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time.

Error Alarm Port Error Alarm Port - Specialised inbuilt reserved ports which allow a simple remote output alarm for connection to BMS or external alarm.

Built-in Drain Pump Built-in Drain Pump - The inbuilt drain pump can lift condensing water up to 750mm.

Technical specification for Midea MCA3U-12FNXD0 inverter air conditioner

Technical specification for casette type inverter air conditioner Midea MCA3U-12FNXD0
ModelIndoor UnitMCA3U-12FNXD0
Outdoor UnitMOU-12FNQ
Power SourceV/O/Hz220-240 / 1 / 50
CapacityCoolingkW3.52 - 4.40
Heating4.10 - 5.13
Input PowerCoolingW210 - 1690
Heating490 - 1830
Heating (-7°C)-
Heating (2°C)-
SCOP (-7°C)Heating4.00
SCOP (2°C)Heating-
Heating (-7°C)A+
Heating (2°C)-
Rated currentCoolingA-
Air Flow (indoor unit)m3/h
Sound pressure level (indoor unit)dB(A)42
Sound power level (indoor unit)dB(A)
Air Flow (outdoor unit)m3/h
Sound pressure level (outdoor unit)dB(A)60
Sound power level (outdoor unit)dB(A)
Dimension (W x H x D)
Indoormm570 x 260 x 570
Outdoormm800 x 554 x 333
Refrigerant piping (Liquid / Gas)mm-
Max. refrigerant pipe lengthm30
Max. difference in level20
Operation temperatureCooling°C-15 ~ 50
Heating-15 ~ 24
Cooling EfficiencyA++
Heating EfficiencyA+
Cooling Capacity3.52 kW
Heating Capacity4.10 kW
Btu12000 Btu