Enjoy efficient new generation air conditioning that will meet all your requirements.

The Midea BreezeleSS inverter air conditioner has innovative technology and many modern features to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users. It has a Full DC Quattro Inverter technology, thanks to which it achieves maximum performance with minimum consumption. Enjoy a new generation of efficient air conditioning, reaching A+++ in cooling and A++ in heating.

BreezeleSS is extremely quiet and features a strikingly stylish design. This model is suitable for home, commercial, and office air-conditioning, and its wide operating range allows efficient heating and cooling in low and high-temperature regions.

Even airflow distribution

Thanks to the innovative design of Twin Flap technology, the indoor unit offers even airflow distribution through 7928 dual nano-holes and S-Wing side air vents. Ensure perfect and unobtrusive cooling on hot days combined with the delicate and silent operation of the unit. Speedy Cool Fan technology means reaching the desired temperature takes just 40 seconds.

The BreezeleSS series air conditioners also feature 3D airflow, making them the first split systems to provide side exhaust air. The innovative indoor unit panel is designed to distribute air forward and to the side, and its S-shaped side provides additional efficiency in distributing airflow evenly.

Low energy consumption

BreezeleSS series air conditioners run on the latest and most energy-efficient refrigerant - R32, which is also the most environmentally friendly modern option. Thanks to it and Midea's innovative Quatrro inverter technology, the appliance offers quality and efficient operation and ultra-low energy consumption.

WiFi control capability

Wi-Fi control allows easy control of the air conditioning system via smart devices - smartphone or tablet. Air conditioning can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.

Additional features

ECO mode

The Midea BreezeleSS is equipped with energy-saving ECO technology, which perfectly complements the highly efficient inverter system. With it, you can enjoy comfortable coolness while energy consumption is reduced by up to 60% for 8 hours.

Gear function

The air conditioner offers three operating power options - 50%, 75%, and 100%. Thanks to this, you can directly adjust the energy consumption in cooling mode.

Night mode

When night mode is activated during cooling, the air conditioner automatically raises the room temperature by 1 ° C for the first two hours, after which it remains fixed. When night mode is activated during heating, the air conditioner automatically lowers the room temperature by 1 ° C for the first two hours, after which it remains fixed.

Follow Me function

The remote control of the air conditioner has a built-in sensor that reads the area's temperature. This function adjusts the room temperature more precisely to provide the required comfort.

Heating at 8°C

In 8°C heating mode, this constant temperature is maintained, thus protecting the home from excessive cooling in winter or freezing of pipes and houseplants. The regime is especially suitable in the long absence of the occupants of the home.

Quiet mode

Ensure restful sleep and silence with Quiet Mode. This is achieved by significantly reducing the airflow volume and fan speed.

Refrigerant leak detection

The Refrigerant Leakage Detect function protects the air conditioner compressor from high-temperature damage when refrigerant leaks. If the system detects such a problem, it will display an error code "EC" and automatically shut down.

High-density filter

Compared to ordinary high-density dust filters, the high-density filter captures the finest dust particles in the air and provides up to 80% cleaner and healthier air.

Ionizing filter

The ionizing filter kills bacteria and significantly reduces their numbers by destroying the cell wall.

Triple filter

A combination of 3 filters to purify the air and neutralize harmful microorganisms and bacteria in the air-conditioned room.

Automatic self-cleaning

The heat exchanger cleans and dries itself automatically. This way, you can rest assured that the air you breathe is clean and fresh at all times, and the life of the air conditioner will be longer.

Automatic restart function

Another feature that protects your air conditioner. In an unexpected power outage, the unit will restart and the last setting modes will be activated when the system starts.

Louver Position Memory

When the system is switched off, the last position of the horizontal damper is memorized and the same position is automatically resumed when the system is restarted.

Midea BreezeleSS is a new generation air conditioner that will impress you with its innovative technology capabilities, the efficiency of its various energy-saving modes, and stylish design. Find out more about this exclusive model on Midea.bg. Contact us if you have further questions and need advice.