What we need to know about the convectors and what are the benefits of these devices?

If you are looking for a way to heat or cool your home or office but do not have sewage, convectors are a very good solution. Learn more about convectors from this article, which will focus on how these appliances work and what their advantages and disadvantages are to assess if they are right for you.

How do convectors work?

The fan coils have a fan or a heating and cooling element to provide efficient heating during winter and cooling during summer. They are a good substitute for heat pumps because they do not bind to ventilation. They are also a great way to air conditioning rooms without a sewer connection, which can be combined with the use of other air conditioning devices to improve the comfort of home or office and to help reduce electricity bills.

Advantages of convectors

One of the biggest advantages is that they are easy to install. You can enjoy the comfort of using these appliances much faster because the installation time is short.

Another very important advantage is the possibilities of use. You can choose where to place your convector, with many more options. You don't have to consider the space in your home or office so much - convectors can be mounted on the ceiling, attached to a wall, or placed in the room in a convenient place for you. In addition to being energy-efficient, installing these appliances will also save money because they are not connected to the sewers.

They do not change the air quality and do not dry the air. Also, they warm or cool the room relatively quickly.

Among other things, the maintenance of convectors is much more economical. Cleaning is easier and faster, and the operation of the appliances is very quiet. There are many different models on the market with an elegant design for every taste and preference. They are also a very good helper in dealing with condensation. Last but not least - convectors are much more accessible than traditional air conditioning systems.

What types of convectors does Midea offer?

Midea Two Pipe Cassette Type Convector

They have high heating and cooling power and are very convenient because they are almost invisible. They do not take up space and have an extremely quiet mode of operation. Thanks to their inverter motor, they are very energy efficient. The built-in condensing pump handles the condensation of the room where they are placed. The fan convector also has an opening for sucking fresh air out of the room.

Midea Ceiling-floor Type Convector

These convectors are open and easy to install. They have a stylish and clean design that makes them suitable for any room. The brushless motor allows efficient and silent operation of the device. According to your preferences, this type of convectors can be mounted on the floor or ceiling.

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In addition to all the advantages, the convectors have their disadvantages and to assess whether this is a suitable device for you, it is good to be informed on what they are, as well.


If the room you want to heat or cool has a large and open space, you may prefer another type of air conditioning system. Convectors are not as powerful as standard air conditioners. To cool or heat, these appliances use valves, which can make it difficult to maintain and clean.

Cleaning and maintenance of the convectors may be necessary more often than with standard air conditioners.

How to use the appliance effectively

The overall energy efficiency of the convectors is very good, but you still have to contribute to that. You need to clean the appliance regularly and subject it to routine maintenance to make sure you are using it properly and it works as efficiently as possible. Always read the instruction manual before using it.

When the appliance is too old, replace it with a new one to save on energy costs. Over time, it loses its effectiveness.

To save on your monthly electricity bills, do not turn off the convector, but keep 21-23 ° C, and when you leave the room, reduce it to 16-18 ° C. This will keep the room warm and the appliance will not have to heat it up from scratch, which requires much more energy.

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