Midea's new M-Thermal Arctic series heat pumps are highly efficient and suitable for use even in very cold climates. In addition to a new compact design, sustainability and economy, the heat pumps offer a host of useful features to enjoy excellent year-round air conditioning.


Distinguishing features of Midea M-Thermal Arctic Mono heat pumps


Improved dual-rotor compressor

One of the key features of the Thermal Arctic M-Series heat pumps is the unique inverter compressor. This compressor is able to adjust its speed and power in real time, allowing for more efficient heating and cooling of a room. Additionally, the compressor is designed with exceptional balance to reduce vibration.


The heat pumps feature a high-efficiency coil that is designed to be freeze-proof even in extreme temperatures.


Quiet operation

The four kW monobloc system generates as little as 35dB(A) of sound pressure at a distance of 3 metres thanks to the optimised design of the outdoor unit and fan.


A year-round solution

Another distinguishing feature of M-Thermal Arctic heat pumps is their ability to function as both a heating and cooling system, as well as providing domestic hot water. This allows for year-round comfort and energy savings, as homeowners won't have to switch between separate heating and cooling systems.


Midea's new range of heat pumps is a compact and affordable solution for every household. Only one outdoor unit is installed, thus saving space.


The M-Thеrmаl can bе combined with underfloor heating, radiators and domestic water tanks. It can also be connected to solar collectors, gas coilers and other heat sources.


The Ѕmаrt Grіd Certifіcatіon means thаt M-Thеrmаl саn uѕе electricity frоm a variety оf sources tо cater fоr different modes оf operation, whісh іѕ beneficial fоr cost savings.


Wide temperature range

Midea M-Thermal Monobloc air-to-water heat pump systems are available in capacities from 4 kW to 16 kW and in capacities from 18 kW to 30 kW.


Multiple comfort-enhancing features

The systems are also available with a variety of advanced controls, including a programmable thermostat, remote and built-in Wi-Fi control.


In addition, the heat pumps are designed to be easy to install and maintain, with a variety of comfort-enhancing features.


With the "Temperature Switch" feature, the water temperature automatically changes when the outside temperature changes, which saves energy while providing better comfort. A total of 32 fine temperature switches are available, temperature switches can be manually set, and one custom temperature switch system is available.


Also noteworthy is the “Holіdау аwау" feature, which improves system reliability and economy. Тhe heat pump can operate in heating mode and/or DHW mode with low water temperature to prevent water from freezing in winter.


The customer can preset the disinfection mode before returning home to have clean, germ-free water ready for use.


Midea's Thermal Arctic M-Series heat pumps are a highly efficient and versatile option for homeowners, even in areas with extremely cold climates. Their advanced technology and features make them a great choice for any consumer looking to improve home comfort and save on energy costs.