How to extend the life of the air conditioner?

What can we do to help the performance of the air conditioner?


If your air conditioner isn't working well, it may not be the fault of the unit itself. Much of its performance depends on how you care for it and how often you check its condition. In this article, we'll give you some tips on how you can extend the life of your air conditioning system and how to keep it in good shape.


How can you extend the life of your air conditioner?


1. Regular servicing

Taking care of your air conditioner is key to its performance. As much as we'd like to buy a system to install and not think about it anymore, but rather just use it, there's no way it can stay in perfect shape without servicing.


In fact, the lack of quality servicing will reduce the efficiency of the unit and shorten its lifespan. So don't deprive yourself of your comfort, instead schedule a maintenance appointment for your air conditioner. It's best if you do it in the spring and fall when you don't use it as much.


2. Checking the electrical installation of your home

The electrical circuit must be able to withstand the load of all appliances, so be sure to check what its condition is. If the power supply is erratic, it is very likely that sooner or later you will need to carry out air conditioning repairs. Erratic electricity is actually quite dangerous for air conditioners.


To stabilize the circuit, you can use a voltage regulator or stabilizer. What these devices do is they keep the electricity within proper limits. A stable electrical circuit will ensure good power to the air conditioner. It will also protect your appliance from electrical damage.


3. Clean your air conditioner and home regularly

Cleaning the air filters is a must for your air conditioner to work well. The airflow will not be able to circulate freely if the filters are clogged with dirt. If this makes it difficult for you, you can always seek professional help or read more about air conditioner cleaning. It's also a good idea to clean the evaporator coil and drain line.


In addition to taking care of your air conditioner, it's also important to clean your home regularly. Also, when the air conditioner is running, and the room is dirty, it gets overloaded because it works harder to clean the air in the room. The overload will affect its life expectancy.


4. Proper installation

Quite a few users underestimate the installation of the air conditioner. Always hire a professional air conditioning installation company. There should be enough space around both the outdoor and indoor unit to allow air to flow freely.


Proper installation determines whether you will be able to get efficient air conditioning. The sealing of the air conditioner and of your home should be of good quality so that you do not waste any of the conditioned air. With an inadequate seal, the unit will work harder to reach the set temperature, and this will affect your energy bills and its lifespan.


5. Operating temperature

The lifespan of your air conditioner also depends on how you use it. If it is often set on turbo mode or at excessively low or high degrees, this will affect its performance.


When you're indoors in heating mode, it's a good idea to run the air conditioner at 22-26 degrees, while the recommended temperatures for summer in cooling mode are 25-26 degrees. This way, your appliance won't be overloaded, and you can enjoy efficient air conditioning for longer.


We also advise you not to switch off the air conditioner when you are not in the room. During this time, it is a good idea to have the system turned down 5 degrees in heating mode and up 3-4 degrees in the summer.


Air conditioners are the best method for heating and cooling, but not only that. They provide clean air and have a number of features to help you achieve greater comfort. Investing in such an appliance for your home is certainly good. To be able to get the most out of it, you need to take care of it.


Follow these simple methods, and you'll have lower energy bills and a more robust air conditioning system that will provide you with the comfort you need for longer.


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