One of the most effective central air conditioning solutions for large business sites such as corporate buildings, hospitals, shopping malls and restaurants are chillers. They are sustainable systems for both heating and cooling that have their own distinct advantages.


In this article, we will look at what chillers are and discover their uses and pros.


What are chillers?

Chillers are highly efficient central air conditioning systems that provide a reliable and effective cooling and heating solution for large rooms and buildings. The technology they use is innovative and based on fluid energy transfer. This fluid is usually water, which is mixed with glycol to prevent it from freezing at freezing temperatures. In this process, inhibitors are used to prevent corrosion of the parts.


Advantages of chillers


Efficient air conditioning of large rooms and buildings

One of the great advantages of chiller systems is their ability to provide efficient cooling and heating of large rooms without having to install separate air conditioning systems in each room. This is not only more economical, but also more efficient and convenient for controlling temperature and maintaining a comfortable work or living space.


Energy efficiency

Additionally, chiller systems are extremely energy efficient and can reduce energy costs and therefore save money in the long run.


Better indoor air quality

When only ducts are used in a building, the interior spaces are interconnected. In this configuration, air pollution and bad odours can easily spread to other parts of the building. Chillers allow the use of a separate air handling system for each space, effectively separating air pollutants and odors. Thus, areas with independent duct systems are not affected if an air quality problem occurs in one of them.


Flexibility and adaptability

Chillers are extremely flexible and adaptable. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and different compressors and refrigerants can be used depending on the cooling capacity and efficiency required.


These systems can provide a wide range of choices and attachments, allowing the chiller unit to be properly adapted to the requirements of an application. You also have the option to connect them to a range of terminal units including convectors, underfloor cooling/heating, AHU and other cascade chiller systems.


Chiller applications


1. Building air conditioning
Chiller systems are used to air condition large buildings, such as commercial and office buildings, hotels, hospitals and more.


2. Construction and maintenance of cold rooms

Chillers are also often used to build cold rooms for restaurants, hotels, meat processing plants, etc. These powerful units can achieve and maintain very low temperatures, making them ideal for storing food and other products that require cold storage.


In restaurants and hotels, chillers are also used to cool beverages and foods that need to be kept at a certain temperature. They can also control humidity in rooms, which is especially important in places where food and drinks are served.


3. Application of chillers in industry

Chillers are also used in industry where it is necessary to maintain low temperatures during certain processes and the maintenance and use of machines that generate heat.


4. Information technology

Chiller systems can be used to cool computer systems and servers in large data centres that require constant cooling.


5. Medical applications of chillers

The medical industry is one of the most important areas where accuracy and reliability are critical. Therefore, the use of chiller systems in medical applications is especially important to ensure proper cooling of life-saving equipment.


In conclusion, chiller systems are efficient and innovative central air conditioning solutions that can reduce energy costs and provide a reliable and quality cooling and heating solution for large rooms and buildings.


Midea chillers

Midea chillers are an ideal solution for the air conditioning of large buildings, offering high energy efficiency and long service life. These chillers can be used in a variety of public and industrial buildings including hotels, hospitals, shopping centres and more. With exceptional capacities from 30 kW to 130 kW, Midea chillers can operate in a wide range of outdoor temperature conditions, including very cold temperatures down to -15°C.


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