What to consider when installing an air conditioner?

You've decided it's time to get an air conditioner or upgrade your old system with a new one. A new unit will always offer better efficiency, but for this, you need to have chosen a model with the right parameters. Pay attention to the size, energy rating, and features. Once you've made sure you've made the right choice, it's time for the installation.

Did you know that the installation of the air conditioner determines whether you will be able to benefit from the qualities of your air conditioner? When you hire a company to do the installation professionally, you can rest assured that the unit is installed properly. You do not have to worry about the consequences and whether you will damage the unit or your home in the process.

Here, we will give you some tips on the proper installation of the air conditioner and the place you should choose to place it.

Tips for proper air conditioner installation

  1. Avoid direct sunlight
    When choosing a place to install your indoor air conditioner unit, avoid having it in direct sunlight. This will reduce the efficiency of the unit.
  2. Keep the air conditioner away from heat
    Your system should be installed away from all heat sources. This includes any types of stoves, gas ovens, and other heat sources. Also, make sure that there are no antennas, cords, or electrical wires near the unit.
    The best solution will always be to trust professionals in installing such appliances. They have enough experience to figure out the best way that the installation should be done.
  3. Be careful when installing the air conditioner
    If you've decided to install your air conditioner yourself, you need to be very careful with all of its components, especially the electrical wires and copper tubing. Also, make sure that the drainpipe is securely fastened to the indoor unit.
    Also, the installation should not be near gas appliances or places where there may be gas leaks.
  4. Places where you should not install your air conditioner
    There are several places where you should not install your air conditioner and we will list them here:
    • Avoid hot places
      As mentioned, heat is not advisable for the air conditioner as it will limit its performance. It is best to choose shady, not very sunlit places.
    • Do not cover the air conditioner
      Do not place the air conditioner behind furniture, plants, or other objects that will obstruct airflow. This will prevent you from enjoying an evenly air-conditioned room. This also applies to the outdoor unit, around which there should be no bushes, trees, or other obstructions. You should also always keep the area around the condenser clean and check for stuck debris, leaves, and other dirt.
    • Do not install your air conditioner near areas that are fire hazards
      Be careful with things that can cause a fire, too. Make sure they are away from the air conditioner. This can be dangerous not only for your property but also for you.
    • Do not install near the garbage can
      A major function of an air conditioner besides heating and cooling is to filter the air we breathe. It sucks in the outside air, purifies it, and blows it inside the house where we can enjoy the quality air conditioning. It is important to install your unit away from the containers where you throw your garbage, as the smell can be sucked out and brought into your home.

Proper installation of your air conditioner will help with several essential things:

  • You'll have lower energy bills
  • You'll be able to enjoy clean, fresh air, free of bacteria and allergens
  • You'll be able to enjoy a well-heated or cooled home
  • You'll prevent damage due to improper installation

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