It is essential to know how to work with your air conditioner properly, as a large share of your monthly bills goes for the electricity. With the approaching winter period, the situation becomes even more difficult. Therefore, our experts will give you the following useful tips on how to save from your electricity bill in the winter not only from your air conditioning, but also from most appliances in your home.

  1. Start by checking if the doors and windows are properly sealed. Statistics clearly state how great the importance of quality windows is, showing that 41% of the heat at home comes out through the windows. The numbers show only 9% for the floors, 26% for the walls, and about 24% remain for the roof. Heating of your home also depends on the exposure of your building/house, whether it has been renovated and the condition of your windows. If you want to keep the heat in the room, insulate the ceiling, walls and floor.
  2. Adjust the dimensions of the air conditioner to the room you will be heating or cooling. Too large air conditioners have serious consumption of electricity for a bunch of reasons. Reducing the room temperature by 1 degree decreases electricity consumption by 6%.
  3. Proper system operation can save you a lot on monthly bills. Do not set full power and 30 degrees on your air conditioner. On the one hand, maintaining such a high temperature during the winter is not healthy for the human body, and on the other hand, keeping an automatic heating mode is much cheaper and more efficient.
  4. The system saves the most energy in heating mode when it is not switched off, but rather only the temperature is being regulated. The correct temperature setting for the winter period is between 22 and 25 degrees, and when you are not in the home, a rate of 5 degrees down is generally accepted to maintain the temperature.
  5. Choose a high energy efficiency class A+++. The ratio between energy given and consumed reaches 5 to 1, and here we are talking about a minimum consumption below 300 W per hour.
  6. Keep the filters on your air conditioner clean for maximum heating power and comfort in your home. For a machine to work well for longer, it must be maintained regularly. We recommend that you clean the dust filters at least once a week because accumulating dust would make it difficult for the system to work and expend more energy.
  7. Replace light bulbs with energy-saving ones, which glow in the same way and have a longer life. A 20-watt energy-saving light bulb glows just the same as a 100-watt light bulb.
  8. When you warm your food, or you want to make tea, it is best to use a microwave, as it saves 70% more than a regular stove.
  9. Use a power strip with many sockets and a master switch, so that by pressing only one button you will be able to turn off many appliances, including those that spend a lot of electricity during standby mode.
  10. The refrigerator is another large appliance that consumes a considerable amount of energy. That's why it's essential to set the right operating mode and distribute the products so that there is good air circulation between them.
  11. And last but not least, an important tip is not to use the electricity-saving devices, as they are entirely ineffective and you will remain misled by them. The only real option to reduce your electricity bills is to take specific action on this.

These are the 11 useful tips from our experts, which we hope will help you with future bills and with enjoying the comfort of your home without thinking too much about how you will cope with the incoming monstrous bills at the end of the month.

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